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I’m Fran and I’m a Certified Labour Doula and Doula Trainer from the UK. I undertook my doula training with Childbirth International, a worldwide certifying organisation which offers one of the most comprehensive training programs available.

I am certified in the Mongan Method of HypnoBirthing®  and was trained in Malaysia by Faculty Trainer & Regional HypnoBirthing®  Institute Liaison, Bee Ting Ng.  As a HypnoBirthing®  Practitioner I am able to work with families to provide a unique style of childbirth education which incorporates hypnosis, visualisation and relaxation techniques to offer a more comfortable, empowering and satisfying birth experience.

At the beginning of 2013 after deciding to pursue a midwifery degree I began volunteering with an independent midwife in Newcastle, UK. During this time I had the opportunity to get involved with some wonderful multi-disciplinary birth workers of the North East and the women they served. Several months later, my husband was head-hunted for a role in a Thai company and we made the decision to move to Bangkok. Whilst this meant that I had to put my midwifery studies on hold, I was able to undertake my doula training. 

Since arriving in Bangkok,  I have had the opportunity to connect with some of the fabulous international birth workers of Bangkok and I am a proud member of the Doulas of Bangkok. I am on the committee of BAMBI (Bangkok Mothers & Babies International) which is a project of the Childbirth & Breastfeeding Foundation of Thailand and I am one of the coordinators of their Bumps & Babies and New Moon support groups for expectant and new mothers. 

Working with so many international families has been amazing. I have loved the experience and found working so closely with women and their families during pregnancy, labour and beyond to be immensely rewarding and humbling. Last year I successfully completed my distance diploma in health science with full credits at Distinction in preparation for my midwifery degree and I am currently completing the process for my Postpartum Doula Certification. I am also certified in Bengkung Belly Binding, Baby Massage and Prenatal Bonding and have completed education in Infant Sleep Training and I am happy to be able to offer these services to families throughout the Bangkok area. 

In 2014 I was given the opportunity to become a trainer for Childbirth International which I grabbed onto with both hands! After learning absolutely loads from a wonderful group of intimidatingly knowledgeable women, I graduated from their trainer program in May 2015, feeling inspired and raring to train other birth doulas. 

However, my biggest and most rewarding challenge to date was the birth my son and the months that followed. It reinforced the knowledge that no two pregnancies, births or postpartum experiences are ever the same and I continue to feel honored in serving families in Bangkok as they navigate their own unique journeys.



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